Meet The Team

David Celebicanin

Dental Prosthetist (Adv Dip Dent Pros)

David graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and has been in private practice for many years. He is the principal owner of the practice.

David is a very generous man. If he doesn’t have time, he will CREATE time somehow to assist you with your needs. David is a very experienced prosthetist, but what makes him exceptional is that he can think outside the square and offer unique options to achieve your needs.

David is dedicated to his work and will put in 110% to achieve the best outcome for even the most challenging treatment options. He invests a lot of time to make sure that you will be happy with the final product – where most places will offer you a digital representation of what your smile will look like at the final stage, David will offer you a ‘REAL’ representation.

In complex cases involving big changes to your smile, David is generous enough to make a temporary set for you to wear (whether it be dentures or crowns), not only to get you used to the feel and the appearance, but more importantly, to get more of YOUR input in the appearance of the final product.

“There is nothing better for the patient than to be able to TRY ON the smile that you are creating” – David Celebicanin.

Julijana Vuchkova

General Dentist (BDSc Hons)

Julijana graduated from the University of Queensland in Brisbane with First Class Honours, and was the recipient of the Pierre Frauchard Academy Award in her cohort. Julijana has worked in private practice in Brisbane and now in Melbourne, and she also held a teaching position at the School of Dentistry, University of Queensland, assisting dental students with their practical training.

Julijana loves her job, and it shows on her happy smiling face. She also loves to teach, not only dental students but also you as her patient. She loves to educate individuals on oral health, and most importantly, prevention of disease. Her philosophy is “Prevention is better than cure – once you cut into that tooth, there is no going back, it will require constant maintenance. It is therefore better to prevent disease through professional advice on a regular basis” – Julijana Vuchkova.

Julijana regularly attends courses and seminars to update her professional knowledge and skills, and be able to offer you the best suitable options. She thrives on patient satisfaction, and is always searching for ways to improve her delivery of care to you. Most importantly, Julijana is very compassionate – even the most fearful of patients have walked out of the clinic smiling and happy to return for their next appointment.

Julijana is very dedicated to helping individuals. She will make sure she can assist you in any way possible to meet your needs. To achieve this, she works in close association with other dental specialists in the area.

More importantly, she works side by side with prosthetist David to achieve the best possible outcome for you. “I didn’t have the privilege of working alongside a prosthetist until I started working at Sunrise Dental and Cosmetic Clinic. Working alongside David is great – he is a very experienced prosthetist and I feel that I have become a better dentist as a result” – Julijana Vuchkova.

Michelle Tipping

Senior Dental Assistant

Michelle is one very experienced and very happy dental assistant. She is central to the practice, making sure that everything flows smoothly on a day to day basis. Michelle has been a dental assistant for 20 years – she has seen many good dental practices, “but not one where the dentist and the dental prosthetist work so well together” – Michelle Tipping.

Michelle is a fantastic host to the practice. She will greet you with a beautiful smile and great hospitality. She strives to make the environment feel ‘more homey and less clinical’ for you. Most importantly, she understands that your needs always come first – she will even give up her lunch break to make sure that your needs are attended to at a time that suits you best.

Michelle is a happy person and loves working in an equally happy environment. She is an extremely efficient assistant to the team, and more importantly, a caring, gentle and understanding assistant to you.

Payment plans available to approved clients.

We accept patients on Child Dental Benefit Schedule(CDBS).

We accept Veterans’ Affairs patients.

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