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Looking for an expert dentist in South Morang? Widely recognised for the excellent service, innovative and value added solutions and competitive price, Sunrise Dental and Cosmetic Clinic is dedicated to helping individuals in South Morang to overcome all dental problems. Our dentists in South Morang not only acknowledged for providing best general dentistry but also some of the most experienced and innovative specialist dentistry services that include dental implants, restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

Whether you’re looking for wisdom tooth removal, veneers, root canal treatment, crowns, dentures or a regular dental hygiene, our expert team of dedicated dentists can treat them all. The entire dentist team of Sunrise Dental and Cosmetic Clinic pride in providing the attentive care and striving to meet your expectations. At Sunrise Dental and Cosmetic Clinic, you’re guaranteed to experience a unique consultation with both the dentist and dental prosthetist. Our dental clinic in South Morang is incomparable in this approach as it offers you undivided attention from both the professionals at the same time. With this, we are able to address all the concerns by explaining everything in detail and give you the best possible solutions.


dentists South Morang

Emergencies can occur anytime! It’s very important to respond properly in a dental emergency. Proper and timely consultation can prevent further damage and in some cases the tooth can be saved. We at Sunrise Dental and Cosmetic Clinic believe that achieving quality dental care shouldn’t be difficult. The cost of the emergency appointment can vary depending upon the needs. Timely treatment not only improves the odds of damaged teeth but of the damaged nerves and blood vessels too. Take care of your teeth and they’ll take care of you! To book your dental appointment, give us a call on 03 9434 0450