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Have you ever had an experience at the dentist where you come out of the appointment smiling or even laughing? If not, you haven’t experienced Sunrise Dental. Greeted with generous hospitality by the happy and ever-smiling team, you will experience a unique consultation in a relaxed atmosphere with both the Dentist and the Dental Prosthetist.

The clinic is incomparable in this approach – it offers you undivided attention from both professionals at the same appointment. They will address your concerns by explaining everything in detail and offer you all possibilities. They may throw in a few jokes as well and some updates on the news or the footy.

You will be amazed with the level of service that you receive from Sunrise Dental, starting from the way in which a general check up is done, to the detailed explanations and education that you receive from the team. The Dentist is very gentle and compassionate, and the Prosthetist is well renowned for ‘thinking outside the square’ and can offer unique options to achieve your needs.

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Whatever your concerns or needs may be, feel assured that even the most fearful of people walk out smiling after their appointment. Sunrise Dental take pride in their work, so you will never feel rushed at any of your appointments. More importantly, they thrive on patient satisfaction and will always ensure your optimal recovery.

Payment plans available to approved clients.

We accept patients on Child Dental Benefit Schedule(CDBS).

We accept Veterans’ Affairs patients.

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