“Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond” – Miguel de Cervantes.

Dental Clinic in Plenty

Welcome to Sunrise Dental and Cosmetic Clinic! Our friendly and dedicated team of qualified and affordable dentists is always there to take care of your oral health. Whether you are looking for general dental treatment or cosmetic treatment to change your smile, our experienced dentists and dental prosthetist are there to provide you with full mouth rehabilitation. We believe in one smile at a time, so our approach is to offer you undivided attention from both the dentist and the dental prosthetist at the same time. Greeted with generous hospitality and smiling dentists, you will surely have an amazing experience in a most relaxed atmosphere. With our affordable and professional service, you can trust your teeth are in good hands.

Emergency Dental

The most common dental emergencies are a toothache, swelling and abscess, broken or chipped teeth, loose teeth or knocked out teeth With immediate emergency dental consultants, the damage can be controlled and appropriate treatment can be applied to save your teeth

We provide our emergency dental service in Plenty, Eltham, Bundoora, South Morang and Whittlesea. Our caring and gentle dentists aim to give you the best dental care with least pain and discomfort.


Our Emergency Dentist

Do you have a dental emergency? Our team of expert emergency dentists in Plenty can help you!

From a painful tooth to a knocked out tooth, dental emergencies can happen anytime. If you’re experiencing any dental emergency, get in touch with us for a same day appointment. Our professional dentists are qualified to deal with all types of dental emergencies. They can easily assess the damage and commence immediate treatment to give you instant relief.

Do not delay the treatment! We’re here to treat you! Just give us a call on 03 9434 0450.

Payment plans available to approved clients.

We accept patients on Child Dental Benefit Schedule(CDBS).

We accept Veterans’ Affairs patients.

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